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Body and Mind, Free Your Life!

  • Start: 01-09-2017 - End: 30-06-2019
  • Project Reference: 2017-1-PL01-KA219-038467
  • Official information about the project: visit website.
Key Action:
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type:
Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only

Topics: Health and wellbeing ICT - new technologies - digital competences Teaching and learning of foreign languages


Poland Szkoła Podstawowa nr 8 im. Marii Skłodowskiej - Curie w Toruniu (www)


RomaniaȘcoala Gimnazială Sfânta Treime, București (www)

SpainI.E.S. Fernando de Rojas, Salamanca (www)

PortugalAgrupamento de Escolas e Jardins de Infância D. Lourenço Vicente, Lourinhã (www)


The main goal of the project is to bring benefits of healthy lifestyle based on nutritional eating habits to teenager’s attentions. They will learn which food components have the major impact on the development of young organisms, which components are the most valuable and which should be avoided because of their destructiveness. What is more, the students develop new eating habits, they will give up eating of highly processed foods and they will learn how to prepare healthy dishes. Thereby improve their quality of life, which will have influence of their overall mental and physical development.

The Polish students from the junior high school, to achieve this goal, will cooperate with their peers from schools from Spain, Portugal and Romania. During gaining this knowledge they will exchange their experience, which can increase of level language competences, especially English. In addition to the regular meetings of international groups, students will cooperate through Internet using the various online tools and social networks (e.g. Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Skype). Also the students acquire new competence on various computer programs, because these competences will be needed to carry out comparative research. In each country there will be a group of 15-30 students working on the project, but in some of activities the whole schools will be involved.

The very important part of the project will be including students from disadvantaged areas and students with low achievement in basic skills.

This program is also designed to realize the students that preparing different meals, care of their good taste and proper composition can become an introduction to building their professional future. Those students, who don’t reach their goals with typical school subjects can find out that their future could be connected with culinary profession, for example chef, restaurant owner or dietician. They become convinced that they have a chance to find a good and rewarding job in all Europe.

During the project there will be a comparative study conducted to obtain data on dietary habits and harmful substances in highly processed foods. The physical education teachers will organize sport events for a group of students during project meetings. In these competitions will participate not only students directly involved in the project, but also the rest of the students from host schools. The students, teachers of host schools and parents will also take part in events organized for participants during the meetings of international groups. The school coordinators will organize meetings with local authorities, presidents, mayors of towns and members of the local and regional organizations. The students and teachers will take trips to places of the production of regional foods in each partner country, and also they will learn the technology of this production. The students and teachers will take part in the lessons in host schools, discuss the similarities and differences between the ways of teaching, the school managers will present the organization of its work and compare the ways of organizing educational establishments in partner countries.

The work in the project will be based on co-operation in groups. Other methods used in the project are practical methods - research carried out by created by members of the project group questionnaires and surveys, the results of which will be developed, analyzed and presented to the wider community in a readable form of graphs, diagrams of them contained the comments. The experts will carry out lectures and participants will take part in panel discussions. The workshops, during which students will prepare healthy meals and share knowledge about the traditional cuisine of their countries, will be held.

The main result will be the base of learning materials connected with all fields of the project (healthy diet, active life, prevention of early school leaving, promoting lifelong learning, broadening cultural horizons, fighting against nationalism). The other results are essays titled "My Europe - my concern” to present a different points of view on the problems of contemporary Europe and suggestions how young people can solve them, groups on social networking sites to discuss and share all kinds of ideas, reflections on the topics connected with the projects and to publish photoblog and video recipes; the guide with information about educational opportunities and career opportunities for young people who are interested in education in the areas related to nutrition in partner countries, posters to promote the main idea of the project, brochure with the conclusions of the work with a guideline for responsible and healthy eating, along with a section about sport and dieting.

Bucharest, Romania
November 18th - 24th, 2017


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